Color Charts and More Coloring Reference Workbook by Color My Moods - Art by Maria Castro of

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While Color My Moods Color Charts and More is not your typical “coloring” book, we can almost guarantee that it will be one of your favorites in your stash.

Think of Color My Moods Color Charts and More as your trusty best friend that can help keep your coloring life organized. Many of the coloring mediums have casings that do not reflect the actual color of the medium once used on paper. Creating color charts or color swatches is a great way to avoid those accidental use of the “wrong” color. But wait…how about your list of books, supplies, and more?

Don’t worry. We got you covered. We divided the book into several sections keeping flexibility in mind:

50 color charts pages to create swatches for at least 2,500 colors or up to 7,500 colors if you choose to put 3 colors in one slot! Use the blank title spots on top or bottom to label your color chart.

4 color charts that can display 150 colors all on one page.

6 coloring pages where you can record your favorite mandala color combinations. Tip: You can divide the mandala into 2 or 4 sections to record several favorite combinations.

2 coloring pages featuring 8 different floral designs to record your favorite coloring combinations.

2 coloring pages for recording your favorite hair and skin tone color combinations.

2 coloring pages for showing your favorite patterns coloring combinations.

2 My Favorite Blending Combinations pages. Swatch up to four individual colors for your favorite blending combinations and see them all blended together.

2 My Favorite Color Combinations pages to record your favorite color combinations from a coloring page or a coloring book. Use the rectangle to record book information, or better yet, take a photo of your colored page and paste it on the book. Use the squares to color in and record colors you used.

2 Coloring Supplies Inventory pages to keep track of your current coloring supplies. That’s 60 sets of coloring mediums!

4 Coloring Book Collection pages to keep an inventory of your books. That’s 120 coloring books!

4 Favorite Artists pages to keep track of you favorites, including their website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other information. There’s room for your top 24!

2 Coloring Supplies Wish List pages because collecting them is as much fun as using them.

2 Coloring Books Wish List pages because we know once you start coloring, you’ll want to add more books to your collection.

2 Coloring Tips and Tutorials pages for a quick reference of all the coloring techniques you’ve learned from YouTube, and more.

2 pages to list your favorite coloring groups.

2 pages to list coloring challenges, contests, and giveaways.

2 pages to keep track of your work in progress (WIP) and see them through completion.

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Color Charts and More Coloring Reference Workbook by Color My Moods - Art by Maria Castro of

1 rating
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